At the end of this process, for those of you that did not go through FOUNDATIONS, if you wish to become a permanent member of the Synergy Family, we do ask one small favor of you. This isn’t a contract really, but more like a commitment. In the same way we are committing to provide you with the best fitness experience of your life, we ask you to make a similar commitment to us by paying for your first 3-months of membership up front. You see, we know that in reality, it takes at least 90-days to make and achieve noticeable changes and results in your fitness. So we ask that you at least give us that. Like we’ve said, Synergy is a family – and nobody jumps in and out of families every month like they would their latest diet. Therefore, we ask for you to stick with us for at least 90-days. We are confident you will like what you see. Your membership will then automatically renew each month after that. And as we mentioned above, if you really are dissatisfied, feel free to leave at any time.

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