Year: 2017

Take off The Headphones

 Functional Life Take Off the Headphones Last week, I was asked by a local journalist doing a story about recent fitness trends for 2018 what my thoughts were about the state of the industry, how things are changing, and where things might be headed. It provided me a great opportunity to reflect on my own …

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Synergy Nutrition

So if you followed us back in January, I sent out an announcement entitled “I’m Going to Lose Weight” – a message that not only announced my intentions over the next several months, but also set up our first ever 12-week Nutrition Challenge at Synergy, our fitness community

Mike Goodwin Transformation

Mike Goodwin joined Synergy with his wife Maryum in July of 2016 after finishing our Foundations course, an introduction into the movements and style of Fitness we program.. Mike had struggled with his weight and fitness since the mid 2000’s. Here is Mike’s story. “So there I was fat and happy. I liked sandwiches….big ones. …

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