Our Team

  • Jana Dufresne Nutrition Coach

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    • Will Hamilton Owner & Director

      AFPA, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Judges Course, CPR/AED

      With over 10 years of experience in the health and fitness field, Will loves helping individuals achieve their fitness goals, whatever they might be. He began his career in Knoxville, TN after graduating from the University of Tennessee where he managed one of the largest comprehensive health and fitness facilities in the state. There he gained valuable experience training athletes at the highest level of competition including several Lady Volunteer and WNBA basketball players. In 2008 Will moved to the Atlanta area where he directed sales and marketing for the largest independent PET radiology provider in Georgia. Additionally, he has been actively involved in and coaching CrossFit for the last three years – and believes CrossFit’s functional methodologies, in conjunction with its high intensity and competitive environment, yields the greatest results for all individuals, from the working mom looking to lose a little weight to the highly competitive athlete.

      Will lives in Suwanee with his wife, Andrea, and son, Henry. He enjoys playing sports of all kinds whenever he can, and has a passion for music. He likes collecting and playing guitars, but also enjoys learning new instruments. Will and his wife are also involved in Younglife, a local high school ministry, where he serves as a volunteer leader in Johns Creek. They are active members of Perimeter Church.

      • Matthew “Kirby” Kurbell Lead Coach

        Matthew started in sports at an early age. He played baseball from 3 until he went to college. He also played football in high school and ran track. As most people find, they go to college and are not as active as they were throughout their childhood. The freshman 15 turned in to the college 50 and at 245lbs Matthew had discovered that he was now at risk for high blood pressure. After college Matthew wanted to get back to his roots and get in shape. He started with some old school weightlifting at a local gym, but he quickly realized that this was not doing the trick. After hearing about functional movement and its benefits he soon found CrossFit and hasn’t looked back since.

        Matthew has always loved helping people and wanted to put his love for fitness and health to good use and became a CrossFit Coach. Now 4 years later he is a Level 1 Certified CrossFit coach, has his certification in Olympic Weight Lifting, attended Carl Paoli Freestyle Seminar and Dmitry Klokov weightlifting workshop right here at Synergy CrossFit. Matthew is striving to get as many certifications as possible so he can be the best coach he can be. Because the best part of CrossFit is that we get to share in each other’s knowledge and triumphs.

        • Lynn Gourley Lead Coach

          Lynn comes to Synergy with over 10 years of fitness coaching/instruction experience. Prior to that, she began her professional career in the business world with a degree in Information Systems and Management. While staying home to raise her children, she entered into fitness with the purpose of meeting people and losing a few pounds. She was immediately hooked on the adrenaline that physical fitness provides so shortly after her 2nd child was born, she became an aerobics instructor and taught classes for several years. Eventually personal training and boot camp entered the equation until she was introduced to CrossFit in 2010, and she hasn’t looked back. In 2015, she participated in the CrossFit Open in the Female Master Scale Division and finished 82 overall in the world in her category.

          Some of the things she loves most about CrossFit are the constantly varied, functional movements, the ability to record your results and see measurable gains over time, the ability to scale any movement so that beginner to advanced athletes can work together, but maybe most importantly, the sense of community that comes with being part of CrossFit.
          As a coach, the most gratifying moments are watching athletes achieve goals they never thought possible. Her objective is to make every athlete she works with into the best possible version of themselves.

          Lynn and her husband Paul live in Johns Creek with their two children, Anne Marie and Adam, 3 cats and 1 dog. She enjoys traveling, reading, hanging out with friends and family, eating out, golfing, and watching her daughter play tennis.

          • Abby Hoskins Junior Coach

            Abby was introduced to CrossFit in 2014 when she desired a more challenging workout as a stay-at-home-mom. As a lifelong health and fitness enthusiast, training in gymnastics, swimming, and track & field in her youth, she enjoys using those learned skills in her daily activities as an adult. However, it was CrossFit that helped her regain a love for her first sport of gymnastics and encouraged her to pursue coaching young gymnasts that shared the same passion. A move from Indiana to Georgia provided the opportunity to switch gears from coaching traditional gymnastics to coaching CrossFit, which was quickly growing to be more of a passion than a hobby. Soon after, Abby became a CF-L1 Trainer.

            Abby loves the community that comes along with CrossFit. For her, the best thing it is watching people do things they never thought they could do, seeing someone hit a PR or Rx a wod for the first time, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with that. Since her very first workout, CrossFit has provided her with the training, equipment, and knowledge necessary to become a well-rounded, fit athlete. The motivational environment, competitive spirit, and constantly varied workouts have helped to prevent boredom and burnout, as well.

            In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 2 kids, experiencing new and challenging activities, tumbling in a local gymnastics facility and of course, CrossFit.

            • Craig Richards CrossFit Kids Coach

              Craig’s goal is to provide our young people with a model and foundation of functional fitness that will lead to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives. He believes that instilling these values at an early age is the key to reversing the current trend in our country and establishing this foundation of Functional Fitness. Functional Life.

              Craig comes from a long background of excelling in various sports as a child himself. He competed in very high level tennis and played Division 1 soccer throughout his college career. He has a huge heart for kids and kids athletics in our area, and is very involved in many of the youth sports programs around the county. Craig has recently earned his CrossFit Level 1 certificate as well as his CrossFit Kids certificate.

              Craig lives in Suwanee with his wife, Jenn, and three boys, Harrison, Max and Andrew. He enjoys playing tennis with his wife, spending time at Lake Lanier and watching his kids play various sports.