Synergy Johns Creek is the proud home of CrossFit South Forsyth, and we would love to be the CrossFit family you call home.

It certainly can – but so can anything active that we engage in. That fact is, with everything we do comes some chance of injury. Many of us enjoy playing golf, tennis, or the occasional pickup basketball game. Some love the outdoors and enjoy hiking, boating, or skiing. Others simply love walking with neighbors and friends or playing in the back yard with their kids and grandkids. But the fact remains, injuries can and do occur with all these activities. But it should never discourage us from engaging in them! It is part of what makes up a healthy and joyful life. On the flip side – do you know what is even more dangerous to your health? DOING NOTHING! Please know that at Synergy, our top priority is your safety. We will take every step possible to coach your technique to ensure your chance of injury is minimal. And although we can’t completely remove the chance of injury from our workouts (no fitness regimen can), we like to think your chances of getting hurt are better during the car ride to class than during the class itself. The good news is that greater fitness yields greater health. That means more living the life you love both inside and outside of the gym – free of injury!

Well, in short – it depends. CrossFit is all about the business of forging elite fitness in individuals. And at Synergy, we program our workouts for that very thing…to develop your fitness. Fitness is a relative term, specific for each individual (find out more about that at the Synergy 101 introduction class). For many people, especially in our present culture, losing weight (in the form of excess body fat) is certainly a necessary step in their fitness journey. On the other hand, some may actually need to gain weight by adding muscle mass and developing strength. And for others, their weight may be just fine – but they are lacking the aerobic capacity and cardiovascular stamina to perform high intensity work for any length of time. At Synergy, we develop all of the above – programming CrossFit workouts that will simply get you in great shape inside and out – whatever that may look like for you! The results are typically lean, athletic, well-rounded individuals that are functionally fit for the life they live.

Probably not. First of all, we don’t only lift weights, and far from it. Secondly, see above. What you are going to become is a direct correlation to the amount of effort and work you put into it. If you put great effort into working out at Synergy, we think you will develop great fitness. That should be all you worry about. For most women, the size of your muscles is very much genetic. We certainly don’t program weightlifting exercises that cater to body-building “bulking phase” workouts. We program workouts that are designed to develop your comprehensive fitness. That’s all.

No! The entire premise of CrossFit is that it is universally scalable to where ANYONE can do it. Please don’t be intimidated by the elite athletes you see on TV or the scary articles you might read on the internet. That really does not paint a fair picture of CrossFit any more than Hollywood paints a fair picture of beauty. CrossFit is much more than elite athletes throwing heavy weights around, climbing ropes upside down, or doing various forms of crazy handstands. CrossFit is about a community of individuals and peers pursuing fitness together, whatever that might look like for them and regardless of where they are starting from. We’ve seen individuals ranging from the severely obese to the 80+ year old retiree all benefit from and love doing CrossFit. If you don’t believe us, simply come give it a try. You have nothing to lose! It truly is for everyone.

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