CrossFit Kids

When we were kids, summer meant long bike rides to see our friends, swimming all day, or tromping through the woods until dark. Now, it’s all too easy for our kids to park themselves in front of screens, and socialize with their friends not in the backyard, but in Fortnite. We want them to have some chill time, sure, but we can’t forget the many benefits of health and fitness for kids.

Did you know that pediatricians recommend that children age six and over have an hour of moderate to vigorous exercise every day? The benefits are many and profound: healthier hearts, stronger bones to prevent injuries, blood-sugar control, and better mood and focus. Active kids are happier kids, and better learners!

Even if your child plays a sport, he or she is likely not hitting that daily hour target, but Synergy: A Fitness Community can help! Our coaches are specially trained to bring the benefits of Crossfit to the littlest athletes. Kids from 3-13 learn to be active and push themselves in a fun, group setting, with a program that’s tailored to their age and fitness level. It’s a workout that feels like playing! Synergy is the only gym in the Suwanee and Johns Creek area to program with kids in mind, and even hosts fun competitions for the kids so they can see their progress. Visit our programs page to view upcoming sessions and details!



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