Mike Goodwin Transformation

Mike Goodwin joined Synergy with his wife Maryum in July of 2016 after finishing our Foundations course, an introduction into the movements and style of Fitness we program.. Mike had struggled with his weight and fitness since the mid 2000’s. Here is Mike’s story.

“So there I was fat and happy. I liked sandwiches….big ones. So my wife and I went to Firehouse subs and got lunch. As I walked out with our order, excited to feast on a giant sandwich, my wife was watching me in the side view mirror.
I got into the truck and my wonderful, loving wife informed me that I had gotten a bit “jiggly”.

I was Mortified. My sole body insecurity was around my giant man boobs.I was upset, but happy she said something.

How did I let myself get this heavy?

Sitting at 30 years old, 6’2”, 275+ pounds and size 40 pants was in no way to set a healthy example for my two children.

Now, a lot of things got me to this place.

Carbs, beer, overeating and NO vegetables. I thought I was somewhat active. In reality, not very active, but not completely sedentary. Either way I realized it was time for a change.

I actually started my weight loss journey the day after the “jiggly” comment, mainly with calorie restriction. It took me about a month to realized I needed both diet and exercise. So with the help of my wife, I managed to lose 100lbs over the next year.

Down 100 lb, I had run into a new problem. I was too skinny! I knew I needed to add strength training to my fitness regime. It was a perfect time for a change. My wife and I recently moved to the Johns Creek, GA and we needed a couple of things.

We wanted a new fitness center, as our old gym just wasn’t cutting it. It was stale, our routine had become really boring, and we needed a new challenge – plus we were looking for a new community of friends in our new hometown. I am happy to say we found it all in Synergy.

What an amazing community for our whole family. As I write this, I am 205 lbs, with new found strength and agility I never knew I had. I am stronger and more fit than I have ever been. We are challenged daily, both physically and mentally. We have also found a great group of people to share a healthy life with.”

Since being at Synergy, Mike Goodwin has continued to achieve goals, including achieving his first Muscle Up, building strength through weight lifting, and improving his overall conditioning to become a healthy, well-rounded athlete. He attends Synergy, along with his wife Maryum Goodwin, and two children who participate in our CrossFit kids classes.

Way To Go Mike!



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