My Synergy Nutrition Journey: By Annie Zupon

They tell you about the freshman 15 when you go to college but they never mentioned the freshman 30! As I finished out my sophomore year of college I knew something needed to change. I was sick all the time, I couldn’t walk up the stairs to class without getting winded and worst of all I spent all my money buying new clothes every month because the clothes from last month didn’t fit. Let me tell you, it hurts your wallet a whole lot when you’re constantly needing to buy new clothes. I knew my diet of beer and burgers had taken over my life and it was time to take my life back.

I had many preconceptions of CrossFit and nutrition when I started this journey. I was an athlete all through high school, on the ice hockey team and captain of the lacrosse team. However, before entering Synergy: a fitness community, I hadn’t seen a field, the ice or even a treadmill in months. Knowing Synergy was a CrossFit affiliate in the Johns Creek and Suwanee area, I pictured CrossFit as a bunch of men and woman with muscles bursting out of their shirts lifting side by side with each one holding their nose higher than the next. Boy, I could not have been more wrong. I was nervous I would look silly, I wouldn’t be able to keep up, I wouldn’t be able to do the movements, and people would laugh at me or give me looks. Every nervous thought consumed me and kept me further from my goals.

This fitness community, this little gem within Johns Creek, welcomed me with open arms, and I was pleased to find out that it wasn’t filled with overly muscular people – but instead average people, or all fitness levels, of all different fitness goals. Moms, dads, high schoolers, college students, working professionals – everyone! I started with the on-boarding program called Foundations. My foundations coach prepared me for classes during the foundational period that caused all my nerves to melt away. They believed in me way more than I believed in myself and thankfully they did because every class I surprised myself!

The gym played a huge role in my fitness journey. However, the true key to success lies within the Synergy Nutrition program. You could attend the gym 5 days a week but if your nutrition is not dialed in, you’re missing a tremendous opportunity to see what your body is TRULY capable of doing. Jana Dufresne, the Synergy Nutrition coach wiped away every single preconceived notion I had about dieting, fads, trends and “healthy eating.” I used to think to myself, if I choose the apple over the ice cream, I’ll lose more weight. If I skip breakfast and eat salad for lunch it’ll balance out the glass of wine I plan to drink tonight. I’ll order the burger because it’s loaded with protein.

24 weeks later, I laugh at myself for ever thinking about these things. Dialing in your nutrition does not mean you have to sacrifice meals. It does not mean you can’t eat ice cream. It does not mean you can’t have that glass of wine. All it means is that you understand what you’re putting in your mouth, the effects it has on your body, and learning to make balanced choices.

Throw those fad diets out the window and while you’re at it, throw the word ‘diet’ out the window too! Synergy Nutrition is not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change and with a coach like Jana keeping you accountable, you will be unstoppable. As she tells me all the time, “you can take this as far as you want to.” Jana educates you so well on what you are putting into your body that you realize the only person standing in the way of making what you thought was impossible, possible , is you. The first four weeks will be hard, I won’t lie… but after that it becomes second nature. Four weeks is all it takes to form a habit, and that habit will change your life.

– Blog Post contributed by Member Annie Zupon, Age 21.



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