New Years Spotlight: The Harwood Family

In anticipation of the new year, we will be featuring some members who joined us this year, and those that have hit fitness milestones in 2017!

Our first feature though covers several, as the 8 person Harwood Family has 3 regular members and 5 additional children that frequent our play area every day! Father Jon Harwood, Mother Ashley Harwood, and 14 year-old daughter Emma joined us this year and instantly became a pivotal part of our community.

“What I love about the Harwoods is that they have embraced the pursuit of fitness as sacred for their family. Much like getting ready for work or school, or even family dinner, the Harwoods view training as something that is simply going to be a part of everyday life. You can already see this having its positive effects on their children, and their daughter Emma is already turning into quite the competitive fitness athlete. They always come ready to be coached and are a family built on character and integrity. They embody much of what we stand for here at Synergy, and we are honored to have them here. “ – Will Hamilton

When asked about 2017 and his Synergy experience, Jon shared: “I would say the best thing I have benefited from at Synergy in 2017 has been working out with my family. It is such a blessing to have a fitness environment that supports the family.”

Aside from making Synergy a family affair – The Harwood’s all achieved great progress in their fitness too…

Jon has incorporated a significant amount of mobility into his training, something he says has never previously been encouraged at other facilities he’s attended.

Emma has seen a huge improvement in her double unders (a jump rope movement that requires two passes of the rope for each jump), has hit 180 pounds on her deadlift and has begun to perfect her butterfly pull-up!

Ashley has successfully strung together her Toes To Bar movements (A movement which involves kipping your body while on the bar and controlling your feet up until they meet the bar.)

All while bringing on a new addition to their family in 2017 with their 2nd adoption! We can’t wait to see what 2018 holds for this awesome family.



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