Synergy CrossFit Kids

Upcoming Sessions

Current Session Begins August 10th – September 17th.
Sundays at 4pm and Tuesday/Thursdays at 6:30pm.


Families are the bedrock of our community here at Synergy – and we take great pride in providing fitness opportunities for everyone, of all ages, in your family. CrossFit Kids is our core fitness program for kids ages 5-12. Typically conducted in 6-week “semesters”, this program provides kids with an educational approach to moving well, developing fitness and athleticism, and discovering the importance of pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

Synergy proudly provides one of the most robust CrossFit Kids programs in the state. All classes are lead by CrossFit L1 and CrossFit Kids certified coaches and are programmed according to the skill level of each child. In order to provide an excellent experience for kids of all ages and skill levels, our CrossFit Kids program is divided into two classes: CFK Elements, and CFK Advanced.

CFK Elements

As the name might suggest, Kids Elements is all about teaching the key elements and concepts around pursuing fitness in a safe and fun way. Typically geared with younger children in mind, the entire goal of Elements is to encourage kids to fall in love with being fit and healthy at a young age – forming mindset and habits that last a lifetime. Each class meets weekly, lasts about 45min, and includes a fun warmup, some movement instruction, a fast-paced workout, and always ends with every child’s favourite part – a competitive fitness-based game!

CFK Advanced

As children progress through the learning stages of fitness, many might find it appropriate to begin applying the concepts into higher-volume training. CFK Advanced provides kids a 3x/wk program where they can take the movements they’ve learned and incorporate them into higher intensity workouts designed to push their fitness to the next level, even from a young age. While safety and technique are still enforced relentlessly, kids are introduced to functional movements in the categories of weightlifting, gymnastics, and cardio at slightly higher loads and levels of intensity. CFK Advanced is a proven tool to reinforce the habit and ritual of exercise, development functional athleticism. and instil key character traits of discipline, attitude, and work ethic.

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