Synergy: A Fitness Community featured on VoyageATL

We are excited that owner, Will Hamilton’s story was featured on this month to highlight his experiences opening up a unique fitness community, the journey of a young entrepreneur and new father and his vision for the family-focused, fun atmosphere in Johns Creek / Suwanee, Georgia.

I feel like for most people, working out in a gym is an isolating experience. You check in with a key card, pop your headphones in, and then immerse yourself in a Walmart sized sea of treadmill and equipment. The only person you interact with is often the reflection of yourself in the mirror in front of you. And where has that gotten us? We are the most lonely, overweight, unhealthy society our country has ever seen. We spend more time talking with our thumbs than we do with our mouths and have hundreds of “friends” on Facebook but no one we could call in a time of need.

Community is a buzz-word in our business, but we take it very seriously. We want fitness to be engaging, social, and fun. At Synergy, we seek to be a crossroad where people’s fitness, social, professional, family, and even spiritual lives might intersect. We have high school students all the way to grandparents in our gym, and when they walk through our doors, they are all equal. They are all pursuing the same goal, together.



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