Yes – we’re more expensive than a big box gym, and here’s why.

CrossFit just released an excellent article in their Journal entitled Why CrossFit Is Free but CrossFit Gyms Are Not.” Ironically enough, they made this article free of charge.

I won’t recount all the major points included in the article, but I do recommend reading it to anyone who is currently considering a jump into CrossFit from their current fitness routine, currently doing CrossFit workouts on their own at home, or doing some other version of CrossFit-like training (maybe a bootcamp) that isn’t quite the real thing, at a real affiliate, with real [excellent] coaching. I would recommend anyone read it that has been holding back for any reason at all – but most importantly financial.

As the writer points out, forgoing a membership that essentially comes down to $30-35 a week, or $11.50 a visit, an amount that can probably be found wasted in almost any budget, is actually giving up on much more. We know how it goes at those other gyms. You pay $35-75/month and what do you get? For that price, you get crowded equipment in a room, with no plan, no enthusiasm, no help to improve and certainly nobody that’s wondering why you didn’t show up that day. At that rate, if you even show up – you’re paying $3-5 a visit to plan your own workouts, with no help from a professional, in the hopes that you’re making a difference in your health with little to no reason to stay motivated.

I could spend pages further justifying the cost of membership at a CrossFit affiliate, naming the usual arguments of how it is essentially like having personal training, group class, accountability, nutrition guidance, and many other things that would cost you exponentially more if purchased a la carte in the open market. I could spend even more time discussing why our Johns Creek / Suwannee based gym, SYNERGY, is slightly more expensive than many of our other CrossFit competitors – citing things all the way from quality of facility and equipment to free towels, child care, and a fitness program that encourages not just a healthy individual but a healthy family.

But the long and the short of it is: We’re just better. It’s a better experience. Better equipment. Better programming. Doing things in a community of others is always better {Read our older blog on this here: Take Off Your Headphones}. You get better attention. Your fitness, your nutrition, your effort, and your results – it all becomes better. You – you simply get…better! I literally don’t know any other way to say it.

And let me be the first to applaud one of the finer points of this article, something most owners would probably choose to stay tight lipped about – very few of us, if any at all, are getting rich off of CrossFit. We do it, and provide it, because we love it. It is so fun, so enjoyable to us – that we’re often times doing it for free.

I can confidentially say that my coaches give more of their time away, for free, to the clients of our gym than any other professional in any other industry I have ever encountered. Just last week, I watched as one of our coaches spend 2 hours straight after class with one of our clients, at no charge, trying to help her learn to handstand walk. Later that day, I sent my accountant an email asking if our taxes were completed and filed – a simple yes or no question. A few days later, I received my bill for that. For me, which do you think was the better experience?

Better simply costs more. It’s just the way the world works. It always has, and always will. The question is, is it being a better version of you worth it?



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