At SYNERGY we want to make sure we set you up for long-term success with your fitness from the very beginning. That’s why we created FOUNDATIONS.



From the outside looking in, high intensity functional training programs can seem intimidating and scary. You may find yourself asking , “Where do I even begin? Can I actually do this? Is this only for people already in shape?”

FOUNDATIONS is a standard concept in many gyms and its purpose is to test the waters and learn. On our side, we need to learn about you – your background, your goals, and your questions and concerns. And on your side, you need to learn how fitness works at SYNERGY – the movements we use, your ability level, and proper form and technique to keep you safe and moving forward. Our Foundations class is $399 and includes an initial consultation and 8, 1-on-1 sessions. If you have completed foundations at a different gym, you do not need to complete it with Synergy. After completing Foundations at Synergy, it will be accepted at Cross-fit gyms across the country.


Initial Consult

The first step is to get to know you, your fitness background. and goals moving forward. We can then discuss the details of our program and community, and determine if we are the right fit you!

8 Sessions - 1 on 1

For those that decide to move forward, we begin all clients with private coaching in a non-group environment. This allows clients to properly learn, explore, and safely ease their way into their new fitness journey.

Graduating to Class

Upon completion of the 8 FOUNDATIONS Sessions, clients have the choice to make SYNERGY their official home for fitness, They may begin taking part in the best of what our group classes and community has to offer, putting into daily practice everything they have learned. This is where the magic happens!

Ready to start?