Programs and Offerings

At SYNERGY, our vision is to be a place that provides a comprehensive health and fitness experience for your entire family. From elite level coaching and tailored workout options, to industry leading amenities and children’s offerings, SYNERGY has you covered.


Coach-Led Workouts

Group workouts are the heartbeat of our community at SYNERGY. These classes are where you are coached through workouts designed to propel your fitness forward – surrounded by friends and familiar faces all sharing in one common goal. To get better. Together.
Life needs to be flexible, and we think workouts should be the same. By providing up to three different options to choose from in each class, there will be a workout ready for you to get exactly what you need out of each day at SYNERGY.


These CrossFit inspired high intensity workouts are designed with the competitive fitness enthusiast in mind. Increased volume, heavier loads, and higher skill movements will bring out that inner athlete ready to feel the adrenaline rush of the competition floor.


With slightly lighter loads and lower skilled movements, intensity is still front and center in these workouts designed to push fitness forward in a safe and sustainable way.


When it’s time to focus on quality over intensity, we have a functional bodybuilding inspired option to focus on accessory movements to build a stronger, more resilient base to attack the high intensity workouts with. Just don’t mistake “lower-intensity” for “easy”, because these workouts are far from it!

Open Gym

Class times aren’t lining up for you? Wanting to do your own thing today? Perfect! With our Open Gym All Day model, what’s ours is yours! Feel free to use any of the space or equipment outside of class times or take your solo workout upstairs to our private training room! Available 7-days a week during our normal business hours.

Facility & Amenities

Whether you need to fire off a couple emails before starting your workout, or shower before you head off to work, SYNERGY has you covered. An expansive lobby with free guest wifi, state of the art shower facilities, and onsite towel and laundry services are just a few of the amenities SYNERGY members enjoy.

Private Training

Our team of coaches are some of the most qualified and experienced in the Metro-Atlanta area. With expertises ranging from post-injury rehab to advanced gymnastics and olympic weightlifting, if you have specific goals that you wish to pursue in a one-on-one setting, we are here to help. Private training prices vary based on coach. Reach out below for more info!


Nutrition is the very foundation on which every health and fitness goal must be built. For those that need more direction, education, and accountability in meeting their nutritional goals, SYNERGY has a coach that is here to assist you every step along the way through their sister-company Synergy Nutrition.

Crossfit Kids

Synergy is a family-focused community, and we believe that a love for health and fitness can begin at an early age. CrossFit Kids is conducted in 6-week semesters, and provides kids with an educational approach to moving well, developing fitness and athleticism, and discovering the importance of pursuing and active and healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.


Families are the bedrock of our community here at Synergy, and we want to provide busy moms and dads every opportunity to get their workout in without having to worry about the hassles of childcare. That’s why we offer FREE staffed childcare Monday-Friday at the 9:30am class. Our expansive kids area is always open for kids to hang out in while their parents train, with walls short enough for parents to keep an eye on them.

Fitness Excellence

Flexible programming for any and all fitness levels

Expert coaching

Fully integrated performance tracking app

Open Gym Access

Family Focused

Child-friendly atmosphere

Complimentary Childcare

Spacious Kids Area

Youth Fitness classes and offerings

Facility Amenities

State of the art equipment

Climate Controlled

Complimentary Towels

Two Shower Facilities