Joining SYNERGY isn’t just joining another gym. It means becoming a part of a small family that cares about you and is wholly invested in your success. What begins as a simple focus on your health and fitness soon leads to impacting areas of your life you never imagined. Simply put, SYNERGY is the crossroads of all things health, fitness, social, spiritual, family, and fun. 


Are you ready to be a better version of you? 

Of course you are – isn’t everyone? So what is holding you back?

I can't do it

You can’t do what? That stuff you saw on TV? Cool – we probably can’t either. But if you have a pulse and a desire to make fitness a serious part of your life, then you can do this. As we like to put it, our workouts aren’t for everyone, but they are for anyone. 

I've had bad experiences

We did too, and that’s precisely why we built SYNERGY. In short, we wanting something different, something better. Better facility. Better coaches. Better workouts. It’s like all the best parts of CrossFit and Functional Training, without all the craziness. 

I have no time

You do have time. And if you don’t, then you have to make time. We all have choices in the things we make time for and we call those things priorities. Your health and fitness is arguably one of the most important priorities in your life. And with an open access schedule spanning 14 hours of the day, we are here waiting for you when you need us. That choice is yours. 

It's too expensive

Poor health is the most expensive factor anyone will face, and it’s totally avoidable. We are here to invest in you if you’re willing to invest in yourself.

With memberships starting at $185/month and the best facility equipment, and coaches in the area PLUS tailored workouts and unlimited access for the whole family, we would challenge you to find a fitness community that provides more value per dollar.

The average Synergy member visits 3 times a week – which averages to around $15/session.