After coaching so many different types of people, we’ve noticed some common threads in those that are highly successful in counting macros


Ask Questions

  • Learn and become educated especially in a situation where they messed up or had a bad day or week

Plan ahead

  • Meal prep
  • “going out”
  • Set reminders (on time checkins etc)

Trust the process

  • It takes time; trust the coach
  • Have long term outlook and don’t get caught up in daily body weight fluctuations

Focus on hitting numbers daily no matter what.

Transparency with their coach and timely check-ins

  • Transparency with their coach and timely check-ins

Have Goals and continue to set them

  • Those that are working towards something and specific not just body weight but specific gym performances like mile time, snatch weight, etc.
  • Also those that continue to make goals after they meat current ones
  • Not setting too many stretch goals but looking to set short term achievable goals that add up to the long term biggy