Synergy Nutrition is a comprehensive and nutrition program that is custom-tailored to meet your individual goals through sound, scientific nutrition principles. Whether your goals are to lose fat, build muscle, or increase performance in the gym, a Synergy Nutrition Coach will design a plan that will deliver the results you have been looking for and hold your hand every step along the way.


Synergy Nutrition picks up at the exact point most diets fail and runs in the opposite direction. 99% of diets are restriction diets – meaning they mainly focus on what you shouldn’t eat. The tend to demonize certain foods, and are never sustainable. We believe in flexibility, empowering you to eat the foods you like so long as it’s done within some reasonable guidelines. This is what we call a FUNCTIONAL DIET. The truth is, how much you are eating is just as important as what you are eating. And we are here to help.


Everyone’s goals are different. Whether you need to lose 40 pounds or you want to increase your strength in the gym, we will design a plan that’s right for you.


With weekly checkins, accountability, encouragement, and a resource for questions, our coaches will be there holding your hand every step along the way.


No fads, detoxes, required supplements, or gimmicks. Just real food, and real results.


We will teach you how to meet your goals eating the foods you like.


Join a community of people on the same journey as they share recipes, tricks, tips, and celebrate with you in your success!

“The last year has been a life-changing journey as I
made the decision to finally focus on my health and
fitness. Consistent nutrition has been the foundation.”
“Not only do I feel so much better, I have discovered a way of eating that I can actually sustain for a lifetime.”
“Learning how to properly fuel my body has taken my fitness and performance to the next level.”
“I can’t believe the difference in my body in just 5 shorts weeks. And I’ve never even felt hungry.”

“Jana educates you so well on what you are putting into your body that you realize the only person standing in the way of making what you thought was impossible, possible , is you.”

“The best part about this program was that I never felt hungry. Actually, in the beginning it was totally the opposite. I am much more confident, and feel strong. I lost 2.5 inches in my waist, 2.5 inches in my hips and 6.5 pounds overall.”

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