Welcome to Synergy – a Fitness Community serving the Johns Creek, Suwanee, and South Forsyth areas with the absolute best in functional fitness training, coaching, and community. The proud home of CrossFit South Forsyth, Synergy has a variety of programs designed for the whole family, regardless of fitness level or experience. At Synergy, our goal is to provide you the tools necessary to reach your fitness goals in an educational, encouraging, and fun atmosphere.


Beginning a high-intensity functional training program such as CrossFit can be intimidating, daunting, and even downright scary. At Synergy, we introduce all new clients to this style of training at their own pace through FOUNDATIONS – a series of private training sessions with one of our coaches where members learn all the basic movements, proper form and technique, and methods of proper scaling. This ensures you are ready to tackle your first group class with confidence and experience on your side.


Nutrition is the very foundation on which everything you do in pursuing your fitness goals must be built. No matter how hard we train in the gym, we will never reach our goals unless we are also doing our part in the kitchen. For those that need more direction, education, and accountability in meeting their nutritional goals, Synergy has a coach that is here to assist you every step along the way.


LIFT is a class for those that love the barbell and can’t get enough of it! For those that are seeking more volume, technique, and performance on the olympic lifts of Snatch and Clean and Jerk, LIFT takes a focused approach on getting stronger through accessory movements, hands-on coaching from Certified Olympic Lifting coaches, and structured programming. This class is offered as part of our comprehensive programming at no extra charge to our members


Synergy is a family-focused community, and we take pride in providing something for any and every age. CrossFit Kids is conducted in 6-week semesters, and provides kids with an educational approach to moving well, developing fitness and athleticism, and discovering the importance of pursuing and active and healthy lifestyle for the rest of their lives.


Training is important – but so is recovery. Without proper attention given to mobility and recovery, tissues will become stiff, progress will stall, and chances for injury increase. That’s why we have a special mid-week class dedicated solely to mobility and recovery. This class has been proven to be a favorite among Synergy members.


Families are the bedrock of our community here at Synergy, and we want to provide busy moms and dads every opportunity to get their training in without having to worry about the hassles of childcare. That’s why we offer FREE staffed childcare Monday-Friday at the 9:30am class. Our expansive kids area is always open for kids to hang out in while their parents train, with walls short enough for parents to keep an eye on them.